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CLEAN 3-in-1 Manicure Set

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CLEAN Three-In-One Portable Manicure Set: Nail Clipper, Fingernail Scissors & Grinding Tool

Introducing the CLEAN 3-in-1 Manicure Set designed for an all-round personal beauty treatment. From manicures to eyebrows and acne treatments, this set ensures you have the right tool for every task. Boasting a user-friendly design, it's not just a functional tool, but a fashion statement too!


  1. Comprehensive set: manicure, eyebrows, acne, and exfoliation tools.
  2. Compact, stylish, and user-friendly design.
  3. High-quality nail clipper with sharp edges for precision.


  1. Provides a complete personal beauty solution.
  2. Easy to carry for on-the-go touch-ups.
  3. Durable materials ensure a long-lasting set.
  4. Sharp and precise tools for flawless beauty treatments.


  1. Material: Plastic
  2. Color Options: Pink

Experience a flawless personal beauty treatment with the CLEAN 3-in-1 Manicure Set. Packed with essentials like a nail clipper, fingernail scissors, and a grinding tool, it's a must-have for everyone.

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